It is called Sorcery, Black Magic or any dark, malevolent, sinister and destructive adjective the practices of manipulation of prana that are disseminated by the Adversaries of creation and that have the objectives of fighting the demiurge and their archons, of opening cracks in the shell of their creation imperfect, thus freeing spirits into Chaos and emptying and weakening this creation of prana enriched by captive spirits.

Quimbanda has a philosophical part and a practical part that is Black Magic in its darkest sense and that as this practical part has several activities, we call the set of these activities Sorcery.

After delving into our Gnosis, we decided to adopt the term Sorcery for our practices, as we noticed that there are several traps that are being used by the minions of the demiurge and their archons that used some terminologies widespread as being of the left hand path or black magic to bring the Spirit that started his search for freedom back to the hypnotic state.

A caveat is necessary here, we use the term Sorcery arbitrarily, but the practices that lead the Spirit to liberation and to fight against the demiurge do not necessarily have a nomination, as these practices are intuitive by the Spirit that begins to awaken and are disseminated by the Adversaries of the creation, being “whispered” to those who know how to listen.

At THE QUIMBANDA CEIFADORES TEMPLE we try to code these “whispers” making a set of ritual practices, meditation, mental attitudes and individual posture, without making this coding a closed system or providing explicit explanations, as we understand that it is up to the Spirit to fight for your freedom.

The Sorcery practiced by us is used mainly to direct universal energy or prana against its own creator, poisoning the prana with the Venom of the Ancient Serpent, so that the creation is corroded by its own energy and so the captive Spirit uses its Black Flame only for your own awakening and liberation and no longer to enrich prana and maintain creation.


Sorcery Praticies, Quimbanda Ceifadores. Veneficus Malus, 2013.

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